"We look for things. Things that make us go."  Armaments, 6:22 

House Lifting
How we lifted our house
and lived to tell about it.
Tons of pictures.
   Updated December 2009



If you've been reading my house lifting pages you have seen lots of pictures of our big remodeling project. Our front door was 8 feet in the air for almost 2 years after we had the house lifted. For the past month and a half I have been, uhh, unencumbered by jobfulness, so to put the free time to good use I figured I could either start a dotcom and go bankrupt, or build the front porch and just get a little more in debt. It is summer and all. Good time to sit outside on these long evenings, especially since Daylight Saving Time is going to last until November now. So we hired a couple handy carpenter guys to do the heavy building -- posts, beams, concrete footings, roof... then when they got the structure built we moved in to do the finishing touches -- floor, ceiling, railings, mouldings, paint, lighting... Read more about it here.