Lifting the House A Chronicle of Mayhem and Plunder

Up in the Air

It's weird to live in a house up on blocks. Whenever anybody goes up and down the stairs, or sometimes just when they walk around, the house sways back and forth. Certain areas seem worse than others -- in the kitchen it feels like an earthquake.

Work is proceeding as workers tear out all the structure below floor level and demolish the decrepit foundation. They have almost finished digging out the back area to enlarge the basement to the full size of the house. This week they will build the forms for the foundation footing, and possibly pour it by Friday. So next weekend things should look radically different.

Next steps
After pouring the foundation footing they will form and pour the walls. While those are curing they will install the posts and footings that will hold up the middle of the house. Then after removing the concrete forms they they will build the walls between the foundation and the floor of the house. When that is done they will remove the steel beams and cribbing piles, and the house will be sitting firmly on its new foundation. Finally they will level the ground under the house and pour the new floor slab. We hope to have the basement all closed up before the cold weather sets in.

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