Lifting the House A Chronicle of Mayhem and Plunder

Interior Painting

The sheetrock is taped and sanded and has some paint on it. We bought a Wagner Power Painter at Home Depot, basically a roller with a pump connected to it that sucks the paint out of the can. I highly recommend this thing. You can just walk around and paint continuously; no dipping the roller in a pan or refilling the pan. I can paint a 12 x 15 ft room in 2 hours, including cleanup time. That's an hour to cut in the corners with a brush, 45 minutes to roll it, ceiling and all, and 15 minutes cleanup. My one complaint is that it didn't come with an extension handle for reaching a high ceiling. There may be one available but I'm not aware of it.

I had my home-made heavy duty 6-ft long bench to stand on, kind of a squatty version of a sawhorse with a scrap piece of 2x12 for a top, which made the high work easy. But I did most of the painting with my right arm, and boy was that whole side of my body sore the next few days! So okay, important safety tip: change arms frequently.

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